How It Works

Every workshop is presented live, recorded, transcribed, and available for you to enjoy at any time.

  • The Live Presentation took place on October 11 – join now for the full recording!

  • Recorded, transcribed, and available for you to watch any time, 24/7

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What You'll Learn

  • The Formula That Sells

    Rob will share the exact templates and proposals – and all the psychology behind how they work – that he's used to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars per year of active retainers to WordPress clients

  • How to Respond to Common Objections

    From "I can do it myself" to "I only need you once in a while" to "it's too expensive" – we'll break down every client objection and show you how to position your retainer as an irresistible offer.

  • Pricing, Psychology and More

    We'll talk actual numbers – not just theory – so you can price your retainer appropriately to give your clients maximum value while building a sustainable, thriving business.

Meet Your Instructor

CEO of HDC Rob Howard

Rob is the CEO of HDC and the Publisher of MasterWP. Based in Denver, he brings 20+ years of full-stack development experience and an eye for design, publishing and communication to the MasterWP Workshops team.

Rob is a graduate of Syracuse University. He's been featured in Wired, Entrepreneur, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek and TechCrunch, among many other major publications. His clients have included MIT, The World Bank, Marriott and The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Live on Oct. 11, Recorded and Available 24/7

This workshop will be held live via Zoom on October 11 from 1pm to 3 pm Eastern, and then recorded and transcribed so you have 24/7 access.